ASTM D6671 determines interlaminar fracture toughness, Gc, of continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials at various Mode I to Mode II loading ratios using the Mixed-Mode Bending (MMB) Test. This test is most useful for composites with carbon fiber tape laminates. Susceptibility to delamination is one of the major weaknesses of advanced laminated composite structures. ASTM D6671 provides knowledge of the interlaminar fracture resistance of composites which is useful for product development and material selection.

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Test Procedure

  1. Measure the width and thickness or each test specimen (rounding to the nearest 0.025 mm from the middle and 25 mm from each end)
  2. Mark the end of the delamination insert
  3. Coat the edges of each specimen ahead of the insert with a thin layer of water soluble typewriter correction fluid to help see delamination onset
  4. Set the length of the lever, c, of the MMB apparatus to get the desired mode mixture
  5. Measure the compliance of the loading system
  6. Attach and center the MMB specimen in the apparatus
  7. Apply load to the specimen
  8. After the test is completed, remove the specimen from the MMB apparatus and measure
  9. Calculate

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