ASTM D6637 Single or Multi-Rib Tensile Test of Geogrids

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This ASTM D6637 single or multi-rib tensile test of geogrids test method covers the determination of the tensile strength properties of geogrids by subjecting strips of varying width to tensile loading. This ASTM D6637 test method is intended for quality control and conformance testing of geogrids. The determination of the ASTM D6637 tensile force-elongation values of geogrids provides index property values.

Testing Procedure

Three ASTM D6637 alternative procedures are provided to determine the tensile strength, as follows: ASTM D6637 Method A, testing a single geogrid rib in tension, N or lbf. ASTM D6637 Method B, testing multiple geogrid ribs in tension, kN per m or lbf per ft. ASTM D6637 Method C, testing multiple layers of multiple geogrid ribs in tension kN per m or lbf per ft. All geogrids can be tested by any of these ASTM D6637 methods. Some modification of ASTM D6637 techniques may be necessary for a given geogrid depending upon its physical make-up. Special adaptations to the ASTM D6637 methods may be necessary with strong geogrids, multiple layered geogrids, or geogrids that tend to slip in the clamps or those which tend to be damaged by the clamps.

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