ASTM D6496 (D-6496) determines the average bonding strength between the top and bottom layers of a sample of a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL). The top and bottom layers of a geosynthetic clay liner are gripped individually in tensile grips and pulled at a constant rate of extension by a tensile testing machine until the top and bottom layers of the specimen separate. The average bonding peel strength of the specimen can be calculated from scales, dials, recording charts or an interface computer.

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Test Procedure

  1. A specimen, 4 in x 8 in, is to be cut by a razor so that the top and bottom geotextile layers are separated for the first 2 inches on an edge.
  2. One geotextile is then set in the top tensiometer grip (4 in wide) and the other is set in the bottom tensiometer grip.
  3. The specimen is pulled apart at a rate of 12 in/min

Related Standards

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  • ASTM D4439 Terminology for Geosynthetics

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