ASTM D5992 Dynamic Properties of Rubber Vibration Products

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ASTM D 5992 Test Standard applies to Dynamic Properties of Rubber Vibration Products such as springs, dampers, and flexible load-carrying devices, flexible power transmission couplings, vibration isolation components and mechanical rubber goods. The standard applies to to the measurement of stiffness, damping, and measurement of dynamic modulus. The methods described are useful from -70C to +200C (100F to +400F) and frequencies from 0.01 to 100 Hz.

Index terms - apparatus; damping; dynamic; elastic; elastomer; guide; methods; modulus; rubber; spring rate; stiffness; testing Damping; Dynamic analysis/testing; Elastomeric rubber materials; Modulus; Nonresonant vibratory data; Rubber; Spring rate; Stiffness; Vibratory methods; Vulcanized rubbers.

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