ASTM D5868 Lap Shear Adhesion Plastic Bonding

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ASTM D5868 bonding test for lap shear adhesion plastic is intended to meet the increased use of adhesively-bonded FRP as a result of the inherent advantages afforded by bonded rather than mechanically-fastened joints (particularly the alleviation of stress risers and stress cracking), there is a need for tests by which joints of various FRP substrates and adhesives may be compared. ASTM D5868 bonding test for lap shear adhesion plastic describes a lap shear test for use in measuring the bonding characteristics of adhesives for joining fiber reinforced plastics to themselves and to metals.

ASTM D5868 bonding method is applicable to random and fiber oriented FRP. ASTM D5868 bonding method is intended to complement Test Method ASTM D1002 and extend the application to single-lap shear adhesive joints of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) adherends. ASTM D5868 bonding method is useful for generating comparative apparent shear strength data for joints made from a number of FRP materials, providing a means by which FRP surface treatments may be compared. Additional information to ASTM D5868 on significance and use may be found in Guide ASTM D4896.

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