ASTM D4976 Polyethylene Plastics Moldings and Extrusions | Testing Equipment

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This ASTM D4976 specification for polyethylene plastics molding and extrusion materials provides for the identification of polyethylene plastics molding and extrusion materials in such a manner that the supplier and the user can agree on the acceptability of different commercial lots or shipments. The tests involved in this ASTM D4976 specification for polyethylene plastics molding and extrusion materials are intended to provide information for identifying materials in accordance with the groups, classes, and grades covered. ASTM D4976 covers polyethylene plastic materials that are classified into two groups in accordance with the molecular structure which may be branched or linear. ASTM D4976 specifics for test specimens to be compression molded, conditioned in a standard or controlled laboratory atmosphere, and tested to determine the materials' physical and electrical properties. Ethylene plastic materials, being thermoplastic, are reprocessable and recyclable, see ASTM D4976 Note 1. This ASTM D4976 specification allows for the use of this recyclable ethylene plastic materials. ASTM D4976 is complemented by the following two specifications: ASTM D3350, for information regarding plastic pipe materials and ASTM D1248, for information regarding wire and cable materials.

TestResources provides equipment for materials testing thermosetting plastics. We have specimen preparation equipment, and universal testing machines for determination of mechanical properties of plastics. The 403S-T machine is a thermal press for compression molding thermosetting materials according to ASTM D4703. The other thermoplastic testing equipment listed bellow is for forming and testing thermoplastic molds.

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