ASTM D4884 Strength of Sewn or Thermally Bonded Seams of Geotextiles

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This ASTM D4884 seam strength test of sewn or thermally bonded geotextiles test method can be used to measure the seam strength of geotextiles, and may also be used for acceptance testing of commercial shipments of geotextiles. When the ASTM D4884 strength is not necessarily a design consideration of seam interaction, an alternate method for determining the seam strength, such as Test Method ASTM D1683, may be used depending on the specification requirements.

This ASTM D4884 test method can be used to help determine seam design engineering for the geotextiles being evaluated. This ASTM D4884 test method will provide data to indicate the seam strength that can be achieved for each particular geotextile and seam assembly construction. Although other methods of determining seam strength are available, this ASTM D4884 test method, that measures wide specimens, will more accurately correlate to the anticipated performance in the field.

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