ASTM D4812 unnotched pendulum impact of plastic test method covers the determination of the resistance of plastics to breakage by flexural shock, as indicated by the energy extracted from standardized pendulum-type hammers, mounted in standardized machines, in breaking standard specimens with one pendulum swing. The result of this ASTM D4812 test method is reported as energy absorbed per unit of specimen width.

ASTM D4812 test method requires that the type of failure for each specimen be recorded as one of the three coded categories defined as follows: C (Complete Break)A break in which the specimen is separated into two or more pieces. P (Partial Break)An incomplete break that has fractured at least 90 % of the depth of the specimen. NB (Non-Break)An incomplete break where the fracture extends less than 90 % of the depth of the specimen. Proceeding with the ASTM D4812 test method, reference to the specification of the material being tested is highly recommended. Test specimen preparation, conditioning, dimensions, or testing parameters, or combination thereof, covered in the material specification shall take precedence over those mentioned in the ASTM D4812 unnotched pendulum impact of plastic test method.

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