ASTM D4762 Polymer Matrix Fiber Reinforced Composites Test Equipment

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ASTM D4762 is the standard guide for testing fiber reinforced polymer matrix composite materials. ASTM D4762 covers composites testing in six categories: lamana/laminate state properties, lamina/laminate dynamic properties, laminate/structural response, sandwich constructions, constituent/precursor/thermophysical properties, and environmental conditioning/resistance.

Each of the first four categories includes a comprehensive set of tensile, compression, shear, and flexural tests, including open-hole, bearing, delamination, and fracture toughness tests. Over 100 different test methods are covered in ASTM D4762. Although ASTM D4762 doesn't provide test procedures for testing polymer matrix composites, it is a convenient and unified source of information allowing easy comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each test, along with the properties measured by the test. ASTM D4762 is a great source for anyone trying to determine the appropriate test method for their polymer matrix composite testing.