ASTM D4065 is a practice for gathering test data during dynamic mechanical loading on plastic materials. Dynamic testing of plastic is done to determine the viscous elastic properties. The elastic modulus of plastic materials is dependent on temperature, time or frequency, or both. ASTM D4065 outlines the general concerns for plastic dynamic testing and references other ASTM testing standards for specific dynamic testing procedures. The ASTM standards referenced in ASTM D4065 are listed below.

  • ASTM D4440 Plastic Dynamic Mechanical Properties: Melt Rheology
  • ASTM D5023 Plastic Dynamic Flexure 3 Point Bend Properties
  • ASTM D5024 Plastic Compression Dynamic Testing
  • ASTM D5026 Plastic Tension Dynamic Testing
  • ASTM D5279 Plastic Torsion Dynamic Testing
  • ASTM D5418 Plastic Flexure Dual Cantilever Beam Dynamic Testing

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