ASTM D3846 In-Plane Shear Strength of Reinforced Plastics

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ASTM D3846 In-Plane Shear Strength of Reinforced Plastics

ASTM D3846 is a standard test method for determining the in-plane shear strength of reinforced plastics.

What Is ASTM D3846?

ASTM D3846 test method focuses on the in plane shear strength of reinforced thermosetting plastics in flat sheet form in thicknesses ranging from 2.54 to 6.60 mm (0.100 to 0.260 in.).

Why Perform Shear Tests of Randomly Dispersed Fiber Reinforcement Plastics?

Shear tests are widely used in the reinforced plastics industry to assess the strength of the reinforcement-to-resin bond in polymer matrix composite applications including polyester-resin, vinyl ester-resin, and epoxy-resin composites. The resulting test data is used for research and development, quality control, and for specification purposes.

ASTM D3846 Test Method

In-plane shear strength is measured by applying a compressive load to a notched specimen of uniform width. The specimen is loaded edgewise in a G793 carrier with GD3846-793-E insert. Specimen failure occurs in shear between two centrally located notches machined halfway through its thickness and spaced a fixed distance apart on opposing faces.

Test Machines for Unreinforced & Reinforced Plastics

Our universal test machines serve multiple plastic testing applications and are capable of performing all quasi static tension/compression tests, such as tensile, peel, adhesion, and flexural testing. The machine force capacity should be chosen by taking into account the highest force needed over the lifetime of the equipment. Machines feature a uniform constant rate of extension (CRE), or constant velocity control mode, with a speed range between 1 and 500 mm per minute (0.04 to 20 in/min). Force measurement complies with ASTM E4 (ISO 7500-1).

Our universal test machines deliver user adjustable constant smooth speeds of 1.3 mm/min (0.05 in/min). The majority of rigid plastics tests can be performed at loads under 25 kN (5500 lbs).

What Test Fixtures Are Recommended for ASTM D3846?

G793 compression fixture with special ASTM D3846 compliant inserts.