ASTM D3410 determines the compressive properties of polymer matrix composite materials. Properties that are found in this test method are compressive strength, compressive strain, compressive (linear or chord) modulus of elasticity, poisson's ration in compression, and transition strain. The composite material forms are limited to continuous-fiber or discontinuous-fiber reinforced composites. The elastic properties for continuous-fiber and discontinuous-fiber reinforced composites are specially orthotropic with respect to the test direction. ASTM D3410 initiates the compressive force into the specimen through shear at wedge grip interfaces.

Compression Test Machines for ASTM D3410

Compression Test Machines

Type: Electromechanical or Static Hydraulic
Force Range: 5 kN (1125 lbf) to 3,000 kN (670,000 lbf)

Our compression test machines measure characteristics such as ultimate compression strength, yield strength, deflection and modulus. Compression test machines are typically configured by adding compression platens to a universal test machine but we also have compression only machines available.

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ASTM D3410 Test Fixture

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