ASTM D3359 Adhesion Testing for Coating Films

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Tape testing or adhesion testing has been used to measure the adhesion of coating films since the 1930’s. Tape testing is by far the most common method of testing adhesion, by applying and then removing pressure-sensitive tape over cuts made in film. Since coating films are not easily removed, tape tests are typically enhanced by slicing into the film in a figure X or cross hatched pattern before applying and removing the tape. ASTM D3359 is a helpful standard that can be used to guide adhesion testing of films on metal substrates.

ASTM D3359

ASTM D3359 is a method similar to ISO 2409, which can be used either on the job site (Test Method A) or in a laboratory (Test Method B). Laboratory testing involves precise cutting and measuring patterns where a test machine may be helpful.

For laboratory testing you will need:

  • A cutting tool or cutting machine having a cutting edge angle between 15 and 30° that will make either a single cut or several cuts at once
  • Semitransparent pressure sensitive tape that is 25 mm (1 inch) wide
  • Rubber eraser at the end of a pencil for smoothing purposes
  • Magnifying glass to examine results
  • Testing procedure

With the aid of an accurate machine, the tester should create a lattice pattern with either six or eleven cuts in each direction, made in the film to the substrate. Pressure-sensitive tape should be applied over the lattice and then removed. The adhesion will then be evaluated by comparison to detailed illustrations in the official ASTM standard.

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