GD3354-99 with 100 Family Test Machine

ASTM D3354 yields quantitative information regarding the degree of blocking (unwanted adhesion) existing between layers of plastic film. ASTM D3354 is not intended to measure susceptibility to blocking. Blocking develops in film processing and storage when layers of smooth film are in intimate contact with nearly complete exclusion of air. Temperature, or pressure, or both, can induce or change the degree of adhesion of the surfaces.

For this test, the load cell should be placed on the bottom plate (with a dimension of 4.3’’ X 4.3’’). Another geometrically similar plate will be placed over the bottom plate, hanging below the crosshead. For the common Procedure B listed in the ASTM Standard Test Method for Blocking Load of Plastic Film by Parallel Plate Method, the crosshead will be lowered until both plates are in contact. The crosshead is then allowed to move at a rate of 5.1mm per minute until 1.9 cm separation between the plastic films or is stopped at 200g force between the two plastic films, whichever comes first.

A TestResources 100P Family Test Machine is recommended for ASTM D3354 with a load cell rated at 1000g (2.2 lb). This should be matched with our GD3354 Loading Blocks Test Fixture made per ASTM D3354. Give our test engineers a call today for help configuring the best test machine and accessories according to your requirements and budget.

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