ASTM D3167 Peel Resistance Adhesives Test

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ASTM D3167 Peel Resistance Adhesives Test
ASTM D3167 Peel Resistance Adhesives Test

ASTM D3167 is a standard test procedure used to measure the average peel strength or force of an adhesive and bonding agent by using a floating roller peel fixture. This test can be used to compare adhesives or to compare adhesive surface preparation procedures. ASTM D3167 is therefore often used in product development and manufacturing procedures.

ASTM D3167 is uniquely useful when the flexible adherend is not flexible enough for an accurate standard 90 degree or 180 degree peel test. In ASTM D3167, the flexible adherend is bent around a rolling drum rather than its own sharp bending radius.

Our engineers are familiar with the ASTM D3167 test procedure and can guide you through the process and help you choose the best equipment. We also recommend that you purchase the ASTM D3167 standard and follow it closely to achieve the best results.

Preparing the Specimens

In order to achieve the best results for ASTM D3167, your specimens should be 12.7 mm (.5 inch) wide and the rigid adherend should be 8 inches long while the flexible adherend should be 10 inches long. The extra 2 inches is used for winding the flexible adherend around the bending drum of the D3167 Floating Roller Peel Fixture. ASTM D3167 does not specify how many specimens to test, but generally it is a good idea to test several identical specimens for all peel tests.

ASTM D3167 Test Procedure

  1. Cut out several identical specimens to be tested. Specimens can be cut by any means, you do not need a sample cutter for this test.
  2. The specialized GD3167 Floating Roller Peel Fixture should be connected to the upper adapter and another grip appropriate for the flexible adherend should be attached to the lower Peel Tester adapter. The specimen assembly is slipped into the middle of the GD3167 assembly.
  3. Bend the flexible adherend around the guide roller of the GD3167 and attach the specimen to the lower grip. With this arrangement, when the flexible adherence is pulled downward by the lower grip, the flexible adherend is peeled away from the rigid adherence at a 65 degree angle, with a large bend radius. The rigid adherence rolls through the GD3167 fixture during the peel.
  4. Run the Peel Tester at 6 inches/min
  5. Make sure to record the force and displacement and gather the average peel force over the displacement range from the software. Then calculate the average peel force and standard deviation of average peel force between all your specimens.

ASTM D3167 Advice From Our Engineers

ASTM D3167 is a unique standard in that the flexible adherend is bent around a floating drum fixture that is 1 inch in diameter. This test is a more gradual bend than a normal 90 or 180 degree peel test, and therefore it facilitates smooth peel testing of a stiffer flexible adherend.

A Peel Tester is recommended for ASTM D3167. The 100 series peel tester consists of a vertical load frame, an electromechanical actuator, load cell, a  test controller, test software and peel grips. For ASTM D3167, we would configure a small capacity load cell (10 or 25 pound) for this low force peel test. Our load cells measure loads accurately (+/- 0.5% of reading) from full scale rating to 1% of FS. A 10 lb load cell can be calibrated to measure 0.1 lb (0.5N) to an accuracy of 0.0005 lb. Another machine option would be the 240 series, which can be used if you have a preference for a single column machine instead of an actuator based one.

The peel plot will be an important aspect of data retrieval and therefore we highly recommend our XyPlot software. If you would rather see the data in real-time and study the peel interface at the same time, we would provide you with our XyLive Software.

Peel Grips and Accessories TestResources offers a Floating Roller Peel Fixture specially designed for ASTM D3167. This fixture follows the detailed dimensions listed in ASTM D3167, such as that the grips are self-aligning and the grips engage the outer 1 inch of the flexible adhesive when the load is applied. The G240k is a great option for the bottom grip in the Peel Tester.

Call one of our engineers today for help configuring the best test procedure and equipment for ASTM D3167.