ASTM D2990 Creep Tests of Unreinforced & Reinforced Plastics

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ASTM D2990 Creep Tests of Unreinforced & Reinforced Plastics

ASTM D2990 is used to determine the tensile, compressive, and flexural behavior of plastics. It's designed to provide data on the creep resistance of various materials.

What Is ASTM D2990?

ASTM D2990 test method covers tensile, compressive and three point flexural loaded creep and creep-rupture of plastics. Data from creep and creep-rupture tests are needed to predict creep modulus and strength of materials under long-term loads and to predict dimensional changes that may occur as a result of such loads.

Why ASTM D2990?

ASTM D2990 is performed for multiple reasons including engineering design and development, to confirm internal quality assurance, to compare one material versus another, and to provide a path for first time test developers with a widely supported standard.

Electromechanical Actuator Based Creep Testers

Our special long term electromechanical actuators are servo controlled for long term precision tests. Tests can take up to 2000 hours (more than 80 days), so it may be helpful to test multiple specimens at the same time to speed the process of achieving statistically verified test results. Force measurement complies with ASTM E4. Each closed loop electromechanical test channel is configured with a load cell and a specially engineered actuator for each test sample. These versatile solutions can fulfill the additional purpose of performing other tensile, compression or flexural test applications.

What Accessories Are Recommended for ASTM D2990?

Building a test system capable of meeting ASTM D2990 requirements is handled on a case by case basis. We expect that you will help formulate the design requirements of the project and to be involved in final checkout. This project involves custom engineered test fixtures designed per the ASTM guidelines and a chamber that is engineered for the thermal requirements. Strain and deflection measurement is also a challenge that we will help you with.