ASTM D204 Sewing Thread Testing Equipment

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ASTM D204 determines the evaluation of sewing threads of any fiber. This test method can be used to determine single strand breaking force and elongation of sewing threads. Single strand testing includes loop strength, knot strength and elongation at sewing forces.

Several properties of sewing thread are significant to performance, including straight breaking strength, loop breaking strength, elongation at sewing force, and knot strength. These will be measured with an electromechanical test machine.

We recommend Capstan Grips for constant cross-section specimen such as thread.

A capstan type of grip is beneficial for testing specimens that have constant cross-sectional area; that is, specimens that are not necked down in the middle. Constant cross sectional area specimens almost always break at the edge of the grip because the pinching of the grip jaw causes a stress concentration that weakens the specimen at that location causing the specimen to break at slightly lower than its true tensile strength. With a capstan grip the specimen can be wound around a cylindrical friction surface before being clamped. This minimizes the jaw pinching effect and causes the specimen to break at or near its true tensile strength.

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