ASTM D1876 T Peel Resistance Test Equipment for Adhesives

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ASTM D1876 T Peel Resistance Test Equipment for Adhesives

ASTM D1876 is a test method used to measure the peel separation strength between two flexible materials that have been bonded together. This type of peel is commonly called the “T-Peel” because the sample looks like the letter “T” when loaded into the peel tester.

Preparing the Specimens

In order to test in strict accordance with ASTM D1876, prepare 10 specimens per adhesive. Use a sample cutter to cut a strip of each of the two adherends, each strip being 1 inch wide by 12 inches long. The adherends should be stuck together over 9 inches of length, leaving 3 inches unglued for gripping.

ASTM D1876 Test Procedure

  1. Set the peel tester so that it has at least 9 inches of travel.
  2. Clamp your specimen in the “T” peel formation into the grips.
  3. Run the test at 10 inches/min for 9 inches of travel.
  4. Record the raw force and displacement data that is plotted on the peel plot. For ASTM D1876, you will want to find the min, max and average peel force. You will also want the average peel strength (force divided by peel width).

ASTM D1876 Advice From Our Engineers

For ASTM D1876, be careful to align the two adherends straight in the grips so that the peel interface is perpendicular to the length of the specimens. Beware of specimens slipping as the adherends neck down due to Poisson’s effect. If you are using an actuator with 12 inches of stroke, make sure you set it up so the peel test begins with the actuator almost fully extended or else you will run out of actuator stroke before completing the peel.

Peel Grips and Accessories

We recommend pneumatic grips for ASTM D1876 because flexible adherend material usually necks down when it is stretched, and therefore manual grips can be at risk of slipping. G94 Pneumatic Grips provide a consistent gripping force, even when the flexible adherends neck down during stretching as a result of Poisson’s effect. G229 Pneumatic Vice Grips are another option for people testing their products at higher force capacities, whereas the G94 are only rated to 22.5 lbs and the G229 are rated to 112.5 lbs.

If you feel you do not need pneumatic grips, G227 Manual Vice Grips also work well for ASTM D1876. Both of the G227 & G94 grip choices are light, which is helpful when using a small force capacity load cell.