ASTM D1623 Tensile Adhesion of Rigid Cellular Plastic

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ASTM D1623 Tensile Adhesion of Rigid Cellular Plastic

ASTM D1623 determines the tensile and tensile adhesion properties of rigid cellular plastics materials and foam in the form of test specimens of standard shape. Several types of test samples are used by the standard which applies to urethanes, polyurethanes, sandwich panels and adhesive applications.

Foam tests and foam testers provide a standard method of obtaining data for research and development, quality control, acceptance or rejection under specifications, and special purposes. Type A specimens are used when enough sample material exists to form the necessary specimen. Type B is preferred when smaller specimens are available, such as in sandwich panels, etc.

Testing procedure

  1. Measure the cross-sectional dimensions of the test specimen to the nearest 0.025 mm at several points
  2. Record the minimum value
  3. Calculate the specimen