ASTM D1248 Polyethylene Plastics Extrusion for Wire and Cable | Test Equipment

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ASTM D1248 is a specification for identification of polyethylene plastics extrusion materials for wire and cable. Identification is to be done based on types, classes, categories, and grades. These parameters are for identification and not for design purposes.

Specimen preparation for ASTM D1248 is to be done through the specifications of ASTM D4703, Procedure C of Annex A1. These specimens are compression molded thermoplastic specimens.

ASTM D1248 refers to a number of ASTM mechanical testing standards to determine physical characteristics of polyethylene plastic extrusion wire and cable.

  • ASTM D638 for tensile strength at break and elongation at break
  • ASTM D746, procedure A, for brittleness temperature
  • ASTM D1693 for environmental stress crack resistance
  • ASTM D2951 for thermal stress crack resistance of types III and IV polyethylene

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