ASTM D1056 covers flexible cellular rubber products known as sponge rubber and expanded rubber. It does not apply to latex foam rubber or ebonite cellular rubber. Sponge rubber is a cellular rubber consisting predominantly of open cells made from a solid rubber compound. The base material for an open/closed cellular product may be made of synthetic, natural, or reclaimed rubber. These elastomeric materials have properties similar to those of vulcanized rubber. ASTM D1056 is similar to ISO 6916-1.

Test Methods D412 was intended for testing dense rubber samples. It requires a sample thickness of between 1.5 and 3 mm (0.060 and 0.120 in.). This thickness is difficult to achieve on some foam products. In addition, foam samples, particularly low-compression deflection products can be difficult to measure gage. There is also no mention of allowance for skin or no skin samples. For these reasons, tensile samples tested in accordance with ASTM D 1056 are allowed to be up to 6.5 mm (.250 in.) thick and should be tested with or without skin as used in the application.

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