ASTM D1037 Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Strength Testing

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ASTM D1037 Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Strength Testing

ASTM D1037 is a test which helps determine the properties of wood-base fibers and particle board material. They are often formed into different mats such as particleboards, medium density fiberboards and hardboards or oriented strand boards.

What Is ASTM D1037?

ASTM D1037 outlines multiple testing procedures thar characterize the mechanical properties of fiberboard and related wood products. Wood fiberboard is an engineered material made by using an adhesive to glue wood chips or wood particles together under high pressure.

Why Perform ASTM D1037?

Mechanical testing is especially important considering that these materials are used in construction applications. Many of the wood products are formed through the adhesion of multiple layers of material.

Part A tests are used for comparison studies with different construction materials.
Part B tests are used for specifications used in procurement and acceptance testing.

ASTM D1037 Test Equipment

Test Machines

Universal test machines serve quasi-static tension compression applications including tensile, peel, adhesion, and flexural testing. The machine force capacity should be chosen by taking into account the highest force needed over the lifetime of the equipment, which is about 5500 lbf in the case of fiberboard. Our machines can perform uniform constant rate of extension (CRE), or constant speed (inches per minute) control mode, as well as load rate (Newtons per second) control. Fiberboard applications tend to need relatively slow test speeds. Force measurement complies with ASTM E4.