ASTM C557 Adhesives Wallboard Wood Framing Test Equipment

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ASTM C557 adhesive test of wallboard wood framing specification covers the minimum performance standards for and properties of adhesives intended to bond the back surface paper of gypsum wallboard to wood framing members. Test requirements and test methods for the adhesive used for the application of all thicknesses of gypsum wallboard are also specified by the ASTM C557 standard. The ASTM C557 specification provides a basis for ensuring the quality of adhesives. Compression shear test, tensile test, gap filling or bridging characteristics test, freeze-thaw stability test, and accelerated adhesive aging shall be performed on the ASTM C557 approved adhesive. The ASTM C557 tests are suitable for products performance certification and quality control programs and can be useful the general public, adhesive manufacturers, distributors, specifiers, architects, contractors, testing laboratories and other businesses and professionals.

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