ASTM C469 Compression Concrete Elasticity Poisson Test Equipment

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ASTM C469 determines the (1) chord modulus of elasticity (Young s) and ( 2) Poisson s ratio of molded concrete cylinders and diamond-drilled concrete cores when under longitudinal compressive stress. ASTM C469 provides a stress to strain ratio value and a ratio of lateral to longitudinal strain for hardened concrete at whatever age and curing conditions may be designated. The modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio values, applicable within the customary working stress range (0 to 40 % of ultimate concrete strength), are used in sizing of reinforced and nonreinforced structural members, establishing the quantity of reinforcement, and computing stress for observed strains. The modulus of elasticity values obtained will usually be less than moduli derived under rapid load application (dynamic or seismic rates, for example), and will usually be greater than values under slow load application or extended load duration, given other test conditions being the same.

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