ASTM C1421 Fracture Toughness Ceramics Test Machine

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ASTM C1421 Fracture Toughness Ceramics Test Machine

ASTM C1421 determines the fracture toughness, KIc, of advanced ceramics at ambient temperature. Fracture toughness is a measure of the resistance to crack extension in a brittle material. ASTM C1421 determines KIpb (precracked beam test specimen), KIsc (surface crack in flexure), and KIvb (chevron-notched beam test specimen).

ASTM C1421

The fracture toughness values are determined using beam test specimens with a sharp crack. The crack is either a straight-through crack formed via bridge flexure (pb), or a semi-elliptical surface crack formed via Knoop indentation (sc), or it is formed and propagated in a chevron notch (vb). ASTM C1421 may be used in quality assessment, characterization, comparison, and research and development.

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