ASTM C1399 Residual Strength Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Test Equipment

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ASTM C1399 Residual Strength Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Test Equipment

ASTM C1399 determines the slow crack growth parameters of advanced fiber-reinforced concrete by using constant stress-rate flexural testing in which flexural strength is determined as a function of applied stress rate in a given environment at ambient temperature.

The universal test machine must be capable of controlling the rate of motion of the loading head and meeting the requirements of test method ASTM C1399. A load rating of 10,000 lbf will generally be required.

A third point bend test or four point bend test can be performed. In four point bend tests, the maximum flexural stress is spread out over the section of the beam between loading points. Third point bending is a special form of four point bending tests only with three equal spans. The stress concentration of a four point test is over a large region, avoiding premature failure. The four point and third point bend test is commonly measured using a deflectometer. The 2 LVDT mounts linked in the GC1399 fixture can be used to measure deflection as well.

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