ASTM C 1341 determines the flexural properties of continuous fiber-reinforced ceramic composites in the form of rectangular bars.

ASTM C1341

There are three parts to this test: Test Geometry I, IIA and IIB. Test Geometry I requires a three-point loading system utilizing center point force application on a simply supported beam. Test Geometry IIA asks for a four-point loading system utilizing two force application points equally spaced from their adjacent support points with a distance between force application points of one half of the support span. Finally, Test Geometry IIB asks for the same as IB but with a distance between force application points of one third of the support span.

You will need to test for:

  • flexural strength and strain
  • fracture strength and strain
  • modulus of elasticity
  • stress-strain curves

Testing procedure

In order to test to ASTM C1341, you must take a bar of rectangular cross section and test in flexure as a beam in one of the following three geometries:

  1. Test Geometry I: The bar rests on two supports and force is applied by means of a loading roller midway between the supports
  2. Test Geometry IIA: The bar rests on two supports and force is applied at two points (by means of two inner rollers), each an equal distance from the adjacent outer support point. The inner support points are placed one quarter of the overall span away from the outer two support bearings. The distance between the inner rollers is one half of the support span.
  3. Test Geometry IIB: Proceed in the same manner as IIA, except place the distance between the inner rollers to one third of the outer support span.

Continue this procedure until your test specimen ruptures in the outer fibers or until there is a 20 % decrease from the peak force. The above flexural properties can be measured using the electric beam equations.

A universal testing machine can be used for ASTM C1341. You will also need a bending fixture of some sort. By means of our ceramic testing expertise and modular product design, we will help find the testing solution that is right for you. Give one of our application engineers a call today for help with creating the best budget and testing plan according to ASTM C1341.

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