ASTM C109 Compression Test of Hydraulic Cement Mortars

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ASTM C109 Compression Test of Hydraulic Cement Mortars

ASTM C109 is a compression test determine the compressive strength of hydraulic cement and other mortars. The results of the ASTM C109 compression test may be used to determine compliance with specifications. Further, the ASTM C109 test method is referenced by numerous other specifications and test methods. Extensive care is exercised in using the results of the ASTM C109 test method to predict the strength of concretes. Our engineers have experience with testing to ASTM C109, but we recommend you purchase and read the full ASTM standard to achieve the best results.

Preparing the Specimens

ASTM C109 states that your specimens should be 50mm x 50mm x 50mm. First make a mold and cure the specimens according to the cement manufacturer’s instructions. Cure the samples at room temperature and at not less than 50% humidity for 20 to 72 hours. 50% humidity is more humid than an average room, so in dry climates you will require a humidifier. Test method ASTM C349 provides an alternative procedure for the dimension determination.

ASTM C109 Test Procedure

  1. First place your cement sample on the lower platen of the compression test machine.
  2. Jog the upper platen as far down as you can without exerting pressure on the sample.
  3. Run the compression test machine at somewhere between 200 to 400 pounds per second until a break occurs in the sample.
  4. Measure the force from the compression tester. Strength will be the max force measured divided by the cross-sectional area.
  5. Test at least three samples and average the data.

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Advice From Our Engineers

TestResources can provide a simple Excel spreadsheet that performs the compressive strength calculation and provides a test report which is consistent with your ISO quality record requirements. Contact our engineers to learn more.

Recommended Test Equipment

Loads up to 21,000 pounds (or 95000 N) can be required depending on your sample size. Our 314 Compression Test Machine can produce high loads for ASTM C109 while maintaining a reasonable price. This dual column test machine has high load accuracy and can be fit with our XyLive Software for viewing real-time force plots.

Compression Platens and Accessories

Our engineers recommend that you fit our 314 Compression Test Machine with an upper platen fit with a spherical bearing to ensure even distribution of load. The best platen choice would be the TestResources G223 with an upper bearing. The lower platen should be rigid, such as the G23 Compression Platen. Both platens need to be large enough to completely cover each end of the specimen which would be at least 1.42 inches in diameter. We can create custom platens to your required specimen size.

Give one of our engineers a call today and they can help guide you through the ASTM C109 test process with the best machine configuration for your requirements.

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