ASTM C1018 Fiber Reinforced Concrete Flexural Toughness Equipment

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ASTM C1018 is a standard test method for the flexural toughness and first crack strength of fiber-reinforced concrete. A 14x4x4 inch (350x100x100 mm) beam is loaded using third-point loading, while measuring net mid-span deflection. Testing is continued through crack initiation, up to a specified end-point deflection. Data collected after first-crack is used to determine the toughness index of the concrete sample at deflections 3, 5.5, and 10.5 times the first-crack deflection. The toughness index provides a measure of the concrete's energy absorbtion after first-crack initiation. ASTM C1018 is no longer an active ASTM standard. Similar test methods are contained in the active standards ASTM C1399 and ASTM C1609. ASTM C1550 tests the flexural toughness of of fiber reinforced concrete using a centrally loaded round panel.

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