ASTM B500 tensile test on coated steel wire specification covers 7-wire, 19-wire, 37-wire, and 61-wire zinc-coated (galvanized), zinc-5 % aluminum-mischmetal alloy-coated or aluminum clad stranded steel core intended for use in overhead electrical conductors. ASTM B500 also specifies steel reinforced (ACSR). ASTM B500 tensile test on coated steel wire specifies wire stranding. Prior to stranding, the metallic coated steel wire to be used in the production of the stranded core shall meet all of the requirements of the appropriate specification, including the ASTM B500. ASTM B500 addresses requirements. Requirements for tensile properties of stranded core are detailed. The standard stranded core lengths and methods of determining rated strength and calculating loads are given in the ASTM B500 tensile test on coated steel wire specification.

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