ASTM B498 tensile test of steel wire specification covers round, zinc-coated (galvanized), steel core wire with three classes of zinc coating used for mechanical reinforcement in the manufacture of aluminum conductors, steel-reinforced, also referred to ACSR. The following tests shall be performed under ASTM B498: 1, tensile test to determine the mechanical properties such as ultimate tensile strength, elongation, and stress at extension; 2, wrap test; 3, coating test to determine conformity to the specified diameter and area density requirements, and 4, coating adherence test. ASTM B498 requirements for joints which may be made by electric butt-weld or flash-welding are detailed. The ASTM B498 tensile test of steel wire specification covers wire of diameter from 0.0500 to 0.1900 in. or 1.27 to 4.82 mm, inclusive.

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