ASTM A732 Mechanical Tests of Cast Low Alloy Steel Test Equipment

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ASTM A732 mechanical tests of cast low alloy steel specification covers carbon and low-alloy steel and cobalt alloy castings made by the investment casting process. Fifteen grades of steel and two cobalt alloy grades are covered within ASTM A732. ASTM A732 specifies that steel castings shall be heat treated either by full annealing, normalizing, normalizing and tempering, or quenching and tempering to obtain the specified properties or other properties that have been agreed upon within each grade. The castings utilized by the ASTM A732 standard shall conform to the requirements for chemical composition specified.

The ASTM A732 standard references other standards for the testing methods used to determine the following mechanical properties of the test specimen; tensile strength, bending strength, impact strength, hardness, creep, creep rupture, and stress rupture. The following ASTM standards are referenced for mechanical testing to complement ASTM A732: ASTM A370 test methods and definitions for mechanical testing of steel products, ASTM E21 test methods for elevated temperature tension tests of metallic materials and ASTM E139 test methods for conducting creep, creep-rupture, and stress-rupture tests of metallic materials.

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