ASTM A48 Tensile Castings Test Machines

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ASTM A48 tensile test for castings covers gray iron castings intended for general engineering use where tensile strength is a major consideration. Castings specified under the ASTM A48 tensile test are classified on the basis of the tensile strength of the iron in separately cast test bars. The surface of the casting shall be free of adhering sand, scale, cracks, and hot tears, as determined by visual examination and the ASTM A48 standard.

Castings produced to the ASTM A48 specification are graded on the basis of minimum tensile strength obtained in special test coupons designed to standardize cooling rate. The tensile strength developed in certain casting sections may vary from test coupon values. The test bars are designated into categories according to the thickness of its controlling wall section. ASTM A48 specifies for the casting to be subjected to a tension test to determine its tensile strength. The ASTM A48 specification for castings subordinates chemical composition to tensile strength.

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