Fatigue Test for ASTM A413

ASTM A413 is a thorough testing procedure for carbon steel chains. This test is specifically aimed at testing steel carbon chain used in railroad cars, construction, industrial uses, load binding, and general purposes. ASTM A413 covers three grades of carbon steel in this standard specification, including; Grade 30 (proof coil chain), Grade 43 (high test chain), and Grade 70 (transport chain).

For meeting a standard specification presented by ASTM A413 the carbon steel chain must meet size, steel grade, and strength requirements. ASTM A413 requires the carbon steel chain to have the following mechanical properties tested to meet this standard; proof testing, elongation testing, and breaking force testing. One test for breaking strength and elongation shall be made from each lot. The elongation and breaking force tests may be performed at the same time on the same test specimen. TestResources specializes in Test Equipment, Machines & Fixtures that are used in material testing. We have the material testing machines that are used for the ASTM A413 test standard. Call our applications engineers to talk with an expert in material testing. We will work with you to guarantee a test machine that fits your application.

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