ASTM A185 Tensile and Bend Testing for Wire Reinforcements

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ASTM A185 Tensile and Bend Testing for Wire Reinforcements

Steel welded wire reinforcements are used in the concrete construction industry to support both residential and commercial structures. Wire reinforcements, also known as wire fabric, are used to construct parking lots, swimming pools, drainage channels, sports venues, buildings, highways bridges, airports and more. ASTM A185 can be used as a testing guideline to measure the tensile bend strength of steel welded wire reinforcements.


To test according to ASTM A185, the wires should be preassembled by automatic machines or by other suitable mechanical means that will assure accurate spacing and alignment of all wires. Test specimens can be obtained by cutting from the finished welded wire reinforcement a full width section of sufficient length to perform testing.

ASTM A185 specifies for the wire to withstand mechanical tests such as tensile strength and bend strength and shall meet the minimum requirements on reduction of area and wear shear strength. The average of all test values must meet the minimum values stated in ASTM A185 for the steel wire to be deemed acceptable.

An electromechanical universal test machine can be used to test wire reinforcements. Give one of our application engineers a call today for help with creating the best budget and testing plan according to ASTM A185.