Wire ReinforcementsThe concrete construction industry relies on quality steel wire and welded wire reinforcements as much as the human body relies on the skeleton. Produced from rods for concrete reinforcement, these steel and welded wire reinforcements can be tested for quality using standards such as ASTM A1064. This standard is specifically useful in accurately conducting a tension test, bend test, and weld shear strength test.

ASTM A1064

The best types of steel wire used in this test include cold-worked, drawn or rolled, plain, or deformed. Welded wire reinforcements can be made from plain or deformed wire. The diameter of plain wire ASTM suggests with this test ranges from 0.080 mm [0.005 in.] to 19.2 mm [0.757 in.]. The suggested diameter of deformed wire ranges from D1 [0.113 in.] to D45 [0.757 in.] for English units, and MD 25 [5.64 mm] to MD290 [19.2 mm] for metric units.

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