ASTM A1061 is for testing multi-wire steel strand. The mechanical properties of the test specimen are determined by a test in which fracture occurs in the test specimen between the grips of the testing machine. In testing of this type care must be taken to avoid damage such as severe bending, abrasion, or nicking to the strand before and during testing. To achieve the highest level of accuracy in the measurement of material properties of the test specimen a uniform load must be applied to the strand. Failure to apply an even load will result in error in the test data. Keeping the test specimen at a constant temperature is required by ASTM A1061 / A1061M. The high quality of TestResources equipment means that even loads will be applied to the test strand, and the accurate mechanical properties will be determined. Gripping solutions that fit with your material test and ASTM A1061 determined to guarantee an accurate mechanical properties model.

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