ANSI Z87.1 Testing Standard for Safety Eyewear

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Impact Testing Safety Eyewear per ANSI Z87.1
ANSI Z87.1 Testing Standard for Safety Eyewear

ANSI Z87.1 test procedure describes the criteria for safety eyewear to protect the eyes and face from impact injuries. This standard covers all types of protector configurations including eye glasses, safety goggles, face shields, welding goggles, welding masks and more. ANSI Z87.1 was created to protect eyewear users from hazards such as impact, optical radiation, liquid splash, dust and fine particles. TestResources offers mechanical testing equipment to address most of the impact tests specified in ANSI Z87.1l including Test 5.2.1 Drop Ball Impact Resistance, Test 6.2.2 High Mass Impact Test, Test 9.6 Drop Ball Test, and Test 9.11 High Mass Impact Test.

Equipment Required

High Mass Impact Test
A TestResources Pointed Projectile Test Machine which drops a special
weighted and pointed projectile, weighing 500grams (17.6 oz). The test machine has an adjustable dropping height for the recommended 127 cm (50 inch) drop. This is useful to adjust for future testing needs as well. The projectile is guided precisely within a plastic tube.

Drop Ball Impact Test
This test can be performed with the same Drop Test machine at the recommended test height of 127 cm (50 inch). The fixture suspends the ASNI Z87.1 1 inch (25.4mm) diameter steel ball with a magnetic hold, released with a touch of a button.

TestResources engineers can also configure test equipment and fixtures for other tests required from ANSI Z87.1 including High Velocity Impact and Penetration Test. TestResources can also provide the ANSI/ISEA certified headform specified in Annex B of ANSI Z87.1. . Give our test engineers a call today for help configuring the best test machine and accessories according to your standard.

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