Reinforced & Unreinforced Plastic Testing

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Reinforced & Unreinforced Plastic Testing

Reinforced and unreinforced plastic material properties tests are important to determinding the quality and performance of the product. Testing plastics to meet stringent industry standards is important in many testing applications. Some customers also use standards as internal standards or guidelines to monitor production quality expectations. And some users use portions of standards to monitor whether their plastic components meet force or strength criteria. Regardless of your testing motives, the use of industry standards are helpful to improve your product quality.

Popular Tests for Reinforced & Unreinforced Plastics

  • Tensile Testing of Plastics that range in thickness from 1 to 14 mm (0.04 to 0.55 in)
  • Compression Testing of Plastics
  • Flexural Testing of Plastics
  • Creep Testing of Plastics
  • Fatigue Testing of Plastics
  • Shear Testing of Plastics and Composites

Test Machines for Reinforced & Unreinforced Plastics

Test machines for reinforced & unreinforced plastic generally require a force capacity of 2.2 kN (500 lb) with the potential of up to 25 kN (5500 lbf). A dual column load frame may be needed to handle a thermal chamber. A fatigue capable load frame is needed when fatigue resistance tests are planned. Grips and fixtures are needed for dumbbell sample geometries.

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