Plastics Compression Testing

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Plastic and plastic composites are of used in many applications today because of the low production cost, strength, ease of manufacturing, and high adaptability. Plastic structures are often produced with an injection molding process. Although the initial cost to create a cast and die for injection molding is high, the production cost for plastic extruded parts is relatively inexpensive. For this reason, most high volume products use molded plastic parts. Common plastic products include bottles, food containers, bags, clothing, piping, computers and computer accessories. Plastic materials such as polyethylene terephtalate(PES) are used for food containers. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used for piping, polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) is used for containers, and polyethylene(PE and HDPE) is used for a vast variety of applications. Determining mechanical properties of these materials is important for product design quality. Compressive testing of plastic materials is commonly done to determine the modulus of elasticity, yield stress, deformation past the yield point, and compressive strength. TestResources plastic compression test equipment is modular and configured by our applications engineers to meet the requirements of our customers’ unique applications. Plastic compression testing machines can be built to include many products from our product line, including; test software, grips, test fixtures, extensometers, environmental chambers, and sample preparation aids. Call today to speak directly with an applications engineer.