Orthopaedic Research Equipment for Bone

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Orthopaedic Research Equipment for Bone

Bones within the human body undergo very complex loading during everyday activities. To better understand the body's response to walking, running, bicycling, and other physical activities, researchers test animal and human cadaveric bones in compression, tension, torsion, bending, or a combination of these loadings. Like many biological materials, bone has a heterogeneous structure and data from these tests can be used to construct advanced computational models of the human skeletal system. These models allow researchers to simulate various loading conditions on the human skeleton, which can be used to predict fracture modes and the interaction between bone and connective tissues. A major focus in orthopaedic research is the effect of cyclic loading patterns on bone strength and healing. Current research into the fracture healing process indicates that moderate loads may be beneficial for faster healing and increased strength of the healed bone. The information obtained from this research will be important for medical professionals treating orthopedic injuries and conditions, whether through treatment devices or advising patient behavior. The modular design of TestResources' orthopaedic testing solutions is fully customizable for your specific testing requirements and well suited for the complex geometries and fixturing inherent in bone testing. Contact a TestResources application engineer to assist in building the best test system for your current and future orthopaedic research.

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