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What Is the Purpose of Testing Paper?

Paper testing is used to measure and evaluate the various properties of paper, paperboard, and even tissue papers. The primary goal of paper testing is to assess the suitability of the paper for its intended use. This involves measuring a wide range of physical, chemical, and optical properties.

Which Paper & Paper Products Are Commonly Tested?

Paper is an incredibly versatile material with a wide range of uses in our daily lives. Some common types of paper and paper products that are tested include:

Printing papers for magazines, catalogs, and books, as well as copy paper for various office needs.

Tissue papers such as toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissues, and napkins are essential products that we use on a regular basis.

Packaging papers and boards such as containerboard are used to make corrugated boxes for product packaging and shipping.

Boxboard (cartonboard) creates folding cartons for packaging items like cereal, cosmetics, etc.

These paper materials are essential in the manufacturing and distribution of various goods.

What Tests Are Commonly Used for Paper & Tissue?

  • Tensile strength tests measures the force a paper can withstand before breaking under tension. The test report from a paper tensile test machine provides data on tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation at break, and energy absorption. Tensile tests on paper are typically carried out in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Tear strength tests measures a paper's resistance to tearing.

What Tests Are Commonly Used for Packaging Papers & Paperboards?

  • Edge crush test (ECT) assesses the stacking strength of corrugated boards. A small corrugated sample is compressed lengthwise until the fluting collapses.
  • Flat crush test (FCT) is similar to ECT, but focuses on a board's resistance to flute crushing when under a flat load. It assesses a corrugated box's ability to protect its contents from crushing.
  • Puncture resistance tests measure the force needed to puncture the board material.

Tensile strength tests evaluate the maximum force the board can handle before breaking under tension. This strength measure assesses how well it will hold together in converting operations like die-cutting and folding.

What Is a Box Compression Test (BCT)?

Box Compression Tests (BCT), also known as Carton Box Crush Tests, is used to determine the peak compressive force that a box can endure before failing. Manufacturers use it to evaluate a carton's ability to withstand compressive forces encountered during stacking, storage, and transportation to ensure it can protect its contents and maintain structural integrity. ASTM D642 is commonly used to assess the carton box's ability to maintain shape during shipment.

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Paper & Paper Product Testing Accessories

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Choose from a long list of standard paper testing products as well as engineered solutions. All of our paper testing fixtures can be adapted to any brand of test machine.

Specialized Paper & Paper Products Testing Accessories

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Paper & Paper Products Testing Standards

Common Standards for Testing Paper

There are numerous paper and paper products testing standards available. Here are a few of the common industry standards:

Tensile Tests

  • ASTM D828 Tensile Properties of Paperboard and Paper
  • ASTM D829 Tensile Properties of Wet Paperboard and Paper
  • TAPPI T 494 Tensile Properties of Paper and Paperboard
  • TAPPI T 456 Tensile Strength of Water-Saturated Paper

Box Compression Tests

  • ASTM D642 Compressive Resistance of Shipping Containers
  • TAPPI T 804 Compression Test of Fiberboard Shipping Containers
  • TAPPI T 826 Short-Span Compressive Strength of Containerboard
  • DIN EN ISO 12048 Compression and Stacking Tests
  • FEFCO No. 8 Edgewise Crush Resistance of Corrugated Fiberboard

Paper Testing Standards by Standards Organization:

There are numerous paper testing standards available. If you have a specific standard that you will be using, please refer to this table to find and learn more about the products we recommend for that particular standard.