Fiber reinforced polymers and plastic composites are mechanically tested with a wide variety of test types including tensile, compressive, shear, flexural, and fatigue. Each specific type (FRP, CFRP, GRP or thermoplastic composites, short fibre composites, continuous wound, thermoset composites, etc) will typically require a special set of test methods that have evolved over time. That noted, uniaxial tension and compression tests on fiber reinforced composites and laminates require a properly sized or robust high quality load frame and accessories designed for precision and mechanical alignment. High alignment produces high strength in tensile tests. Knowledgeable customers familiarize themselves with the details of industry standards because they reveal many tips and techniques to ensure good results. Fiber reinforced composites may be used in high or low temperature environments and the addition of environmental chambers to the test machine. In addition grips and extensometers are available to match high and low temperature requirements. Tensile testing of flat composite test coupons require mechanical or hydraulic wedge action grips sized to the largest sample size. The grips feature interchangeable grip jaws selected to match sample dimensions including the length and thickness of specimen tabs. Compressive strength of fiber reinforced composites is typically less than tensile strength and require special testing fixtures and methods.

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