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Materials and Component Testing for Adhesives

What is an Adhesive Test?

The purpose of adhesive testing is to determine the suitability of a substance for a specific application. Adhesives are often subjected to various forces and stresses throughout their lifespan, with shear, tension, peel, or a combination of these being the most common.

By testing adhesives, we can determine their strength, which can be summarized by their tensile strength, shear strength, and peel strength. Each of these measures the point at which the adhesive fails under specific forces. During adhesive testing, one of three types of failures may occur. The adhesive may fail in cohesion, where the actual adhesive material is ruptured. Alternatively, it may fail in adhesion, where the adhesive is cleanly separated from the bonded surface. Lastly, it may experience a combination of both adhesion and cohesion failures.

How to Perform an Adhesive Test?

There are many different methods for the testing of adhesives but the most popular involve tensile, shear, and peel forces. The tensile testing of adhesives is generally performed for two different situations: the bonding of two rigid substrates and the bonding of a flexible and rigid substrate.

Tensile testing of two rigid substrates bonded together with an adhesive requires that both substrates be gripped properly and pulled apart at a constant rate until either the adhesive or the substrates fail. For a flexible to rigid bonded assembly, a loop tack test is used for the testing of tensile properties. The rigid substrate is gripped at the bottom while the flexible substrate is formed into a loop with the adhesive facing out and gripped from above. The flexible surface is then adhered to the rigid surface and then pulled straight up so that the two materials are separated cleanly.

Shear testing of adhesives generally involves a single or double lap joint and a universal shear testing machine. The adhesive is applied to the joint between the two materials so that one continuous length is formed. The two ends of the new sample are then placed into their respective grips in the shear tester. The tensile shear tester is then used to apply a load to the joint until it is ruptured in shear.

A peel test is used for the testing of the bond of the adhesive between a flexible substrate and a rigid substrate or two flexible substrates. When a flexible material is bonded to a rigid material either a 90 or 180-degree peel test will be used. These two tests involve the flexible substrate being bent to the required angle and then pulled away from the rigid substrate breaking the adhesive bond between the two. If two flexible substrates are bonded together the common test method is the T peel test in which the sample is loaded into a tensile tester in a manner that causes one substrate to point upwards and the other to point downwards effectively forming a “T” at the joint. The peel tester then pulls the two substrates away from each other destroying the bond in the process.

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Completing your adhesive test system is easy. Simply start by choosing a test machine, choose your accessories, and select your controller software. We are your one-stop shop for all your adhesive testing needs.

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Adhesive Testing Machines

Universal test machines specifically configured for testing adhesives.

The first step to configuring your adhesive test system is to choose a test machine by series. Each series of adhesive test machines is designed to meet specific testing requirements and offer different features and capabilities. To determine the most suitable series for your needs, it's essential to consider the type of adhesive tests you will be conducting and any other materials you will be working with.

By carefully evaluating your requirements, you can select a series that aligns perfectly with your objectives. We recommend that you consult our experienced engineers who can guide you through the process of selecting the ideal series for your unique needs.

Newton Universal Test Software

From simplified test setups to an intuitive controller software interface and pre-configured methods for industry standards - this innovative technology ensures that your adhesive tests are conducted seamlessly and with precision.

Accurate & Repeatable Test Results

  • Simple test setup, operation, and reporting
  • Flexible and scalable software packages - Get what you need now with room to grow!
  • Prebuilt test methods for many of the most common application-specific testing standards (like ASTM D904, ASTM F88, or Tack)
Software Reports
Newton Software

High-performance and easy-to-use controller with logical workflow design

With an intuitive interface, Newton makes it easy for users to navigate through various options and settings, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience. By streamlining complex procedures into user-friendly steps, this software serves both experienced test engineers and beginners alike to conduct tests with confidence and accuracy.

Due to the massive selection of products that we offer, it can be difficult to narrow down what you need. Let us help you select and configure based on your testing application.

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Adhesive Testing Accessories

General Purpose

Choose from 100's of standard adhesive test accessories as well as custom solutions. All of our adhesive fixtures will fit any brand of test machine through the use of an adapter.

Specialized Adhesive Testing Accessories

In addition to our general purpose accessories we have fixtures specifically designed for testing adhesives.

Use the tables below to search for the fixture that matches your sample the best. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us. We are confident we have what you need.

Special Fixtures for Adhesives

Adhesive Test Fixtures by Test

Adhesive Test Fixtures by Substrate

Talk to one of our Engineers to help you navigate the vast selection of adhesive testing accessories to find the perfect fit for your testing application.

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Adhesive Testing Standards

There are numerous adhesive testing standards available, with some of the most common ones being ASTM D897, ASTM D1876, and ASTM D3759. If you have a specific standard that you will be using, please refer to this table to find and learn more about the products we recommend for that particular standard.

I am a HUGE fan of the test fixtures, clamps, etc. from TestResources. The quality is about the same as our Tinius Olsen, and looks similar to Instron, for a FRACTION of the price. The different brands are largely interchangeable (we use the pin connection for attaching clamps).