OSU Tissue Scaffold Research Test Results

Tissue engineering has made recent leaps and bounds forward due to medical researcher. Flexible scaffolds have become a current hot topic in tissue engineering within the past few years. Tissue cells are commonly implanted into artificial structures called scaffolds which are used to guide and support tissue formation. Flexible scaffolds serve multiple purposes: Allow cell attachment and migration Deliver and retain cells and biochemical factors Exert mechanical and biological influences to modify cell phase behavior TestResources has provided multiple tissue test machines specially configured to satisfy the testing needs of tissue engineering researchers at Ohio State University. Testing Scaffold Strength and Flexibility at Ohio State University As a current area of interest for soft tissue engineers, scaffolds might allow mechanical stimuli to transfer effectively to cells and promote tissue development. Researchers at the Ohio State University decided to test these scaffolds for their strength and modulus of flexibility using TestResources tissue testing equipment. Through their research, the group developed a family of flexible polymer based soft segments with improved tensile strength and modulus. Learn more about the groups’ findings, click here. Testing the Impact of Stimulation on Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Tissue engineering research has shown that stimulation improves the mechanical properties of many engineered tissues. Little is known about the impact of stimulation on scaffold architecture. In engineered tissues where the scaffold comprises a large portion of the tissue, mechanical signals are transferred from the external environment through the scaffold to the cells. Thus, a greater understanding of the effects of stimulation to the scaffold’s architecture may provide new knowledge on the communication between the cells and scaffold, during dynamic in vitro tissue development. In a another study, agroup of researchers at OSU studied the impact of stimulation on scaffolds using a specially configured TestResources100R tissue test machine. Check out more about their findings here.

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