Tyvek Tray with Peel Test Sample

Seal Testing of Medical Device Packaging: Tyvek Lid Thermal-Sealed to Thermoform Tray Tyvek is a revolutionary protective material which has become standard in the medical device packaging industry. A thermoform tray is typically made of polycarbonate or PET formed to the shape of a medical device to create a protective package. A sterile seal is formed by pressing a flexible Tyvek cover over the thermoform tray. Tyvek provides a high degree of protection for medical devices and supplies due to its tough tear strength and puncture resistance. New and improved rigid medical packaging must always be regulated for seal quality and sterilization. Most often ASTM F88 and ISO 11607 are used as testing guidelines for measuring package quality. For both ASTM F88 and ISO 11607, it is best to conduct a 180 degree peel-back test. These tests involve taking a polycarbonate tray and testing multiple 1 inch wide seal sections between the flexible Tyvek and the lip of the tray using a TestResources Peel Test Machine. Tyvek test machines can be configured by TestResources applications engineers to meet the specific needs of the medical package testing process. Our product line includes a wide variety of equipment for package testing including test machines, test software, grips, test fixtures and sample preparation aids. Call today to speak directly with a TestResources applications engineer.

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