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Package strength tests measure the force required to separate two components of a package. For instance, a package strength test measures the force required to separate two flexible components of a bag or pouch. Force is measured in pounds of force per inch of test sample width. Many follow testing guidelines from international testing organizations such as ASTM and ISO to assure the quality of their packaging. ISO 11607 is often utilized when testing flexible medical packaging. This ISO test method can be used for sterile barriers for medical device packaging. Sterile barrier systems of this type are intended to be sterile from manufacturing to point of use. Note that package strength values do not automatically prove the integrity of the entire package. Seal strength is a quantitative measure for package strength. Package strength concerns the force required to separate two materials of the package. Seal strength testing is an important aspect to understand as these values are what your particular sealer is producing. Seal strength testing can give you a good understanding if your particular seal is producing consistent results. For help with configuring a test system and testing plan according to ISO 11607, give one our applications engineers a call today.

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