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Material strength is a course that most fields of engineering must study at some point in their university education. This interesting course is very hands-on, utilizing test machines in a materials testing lab. The challenge for material science professors is that the equipment can be quite expensive, which means that large classrooms of students must try to utilize a small number of test machines due to funding.

In recent years, TestResources has become a very popular brand of universal test machine at many universities around the USA because we make a very affordable tabletop test machines, ideal for material science teaching labs. The 100Q250 model machine is inexpensive enough so you can afford to have one machine for every two or three students. The 100Q250’s software is easy to use yet powerful enough to perform any basic test and analysis in the materials science curriculum. The machine is designed so you can lay it down horizontally so it does not block your view in class.

TestResources also offers advanced material test machines configured for very specialized research needs. Our equipment is used in many different types of academic research labs:

  • Materials science
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering

We offer the broadest line of specimen grips, fixtures and chambers in the world. And our application engineers have extensive knowledge and experience. These specialized researchers appreciate the fact that TestResources can configure a test machine is any specialized way they need for their cutting edge research.

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