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IFD Firmness of Flexible Molded Polyurethane Foam Car Seats

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ILD 110M Test Machine

The automotive industry has special foam firmness test requirements for seat cushioning applications. The general goal is to provide good dynamic and static comfort in seating applications and to provide good durability performance. The IFD (indentation force deflection) test is a common test method and is likely to be an accelerated or simplified version of the latex foam industry standard, ASTM D3574. In production testing applications, the special IFD tests feature a reduced test time duration from 15 minutes to as short as 1 minute. Test efficiency is important because each seat may be tested (inline) or for lot qualification purposes. The machine operates with high repeatability so even slight variations between test articles is evident.

Our 110 Series Automotive Foam IFD mechanical frame configuration is engineered to enable all tests to be performed sequentially. The design makes it possible to take an individual seat and to test the wings, seat back, bottom and head rest in a single sequence of setups. Special IFD platens, test fixtures, or LTF, and bolsters are required to match different sample contact modes, including flat and hemispherical versions. Different sizes are available. Also test fixtures are easy and fast to change because of quick change adapters.

The IFD test software is configured so that the test definition can be pre-selected by engineering or management personnel, and test operation is placed in the hands of the test operator. Digital data is captured and stored as test reports for quality recording purposes. The data can be transferred electronically to a secure server using existing corporate internet tools. The data includes raw indentation and force data as well as firmness calculations.

The programmable home position or starting point is set just above the test sample to initiate tests quickly. The test setup includes different sample heights and starting points.

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