Gasket Materials Compression Test Equipment

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Gasket Materials Compression Test Equipment

Gaskets are elastic materials used to interface between two parts, typically to prevent leakage. When you design a gasket, it is beneficial to understand the critical design issues, and to perform tests to confirm the success of your design. TestResources can help you plan your gasket testing.

When in use, the gasket material is clamped in an interface surface between two parts. It must compress and distort to fill voids and irregularities in the interface to prevent leakage. It does not compress to zero. Therefore the gasket’s compressed thickness will be critical to your dimensional design. All of these complex issues justify testing to confirm the success of your design.

When creating your testing plan, be careful in selecting a test and test machine. In the test, it is important to have uniform loading throughout the gasket. This may require special compression platens, which TestResources can provide. You will be measuring very small displacements (the compression of the gasket), so you may need specialized displacement measurement instrumentation.

TestResources engineers know gasket testing and we know test system design. We can help you plan your test for success. If you want to follow a published testing standard such as ASTM F38, we are experienced in setting up testing plans and systems in strict accordance with standards. Call us today. Our gasket testing application engineer is standing by awaiting your call.